We are entering the “Season” in SW Florida and many home owners are thinking of selling their home, if you are thinking of selling your home there are some things that you should do to your home and somethings that are not cost effective. 

First a most buyers will want a home inspection done before closing the sale.  This inspection will show anything that is broken or needs repairing.  It is a good idea to repair these things before the inspection is held- i you don't you will have to repair them after the inspection.  Make sure that all obvious problems are fixed and all lights are working properly.

Painting the interior can be expensive and the colors you prefer may not be the best choice for a potential buyer.  Any paint touch needed should be done and any walls painted in very “bright” colors should be repainted in a neutral color.  Paint the front door if needed.

All regular maintenance should be completed.  Air conditioning system checked and any needed repairs completed.  Leaky faucets should be repaired.  Everything should be cleaned and shined - makes sure there is no mold in the bathrooms and that the windows are sparkling clean.

Any major changes may make the house sell quicker but will be a major expense – and again potential buyers may want something different.

Major cost – minimal return – wasted money